One result of the Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer Summit Conference, held in 2014, was the formulation of a Strategic Map for Innovation, a road map or plan for challenging the issues around early detection. It was apparent that progress made in other cancers is critical to overcoming barriers in early detection of pancreatic cancer.

The 2015 forum Early Detection: Lessons Learned from Other Cancers was an important step in the implementation of this plan. The forum occurred on November 4, 2015, in conjunction with the American Pancreatic Association annual meeting in San Diego, California.

The forum was an opportunity for attendees to gain information from a historical perspective and to engage in vital discussions with leading authorities in the areas of breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Expert panelists from academia and industry led the conversation.

Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer—a Defined Future Using Lessons From Other Cancers: A White Paper” was published in the journal Pancreas in 2016.