Logo for the AI and Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Virtual Summit

Summit Purpose

In October 2020, Kenner Family Research Fund (KFRF) and the American Pancreatic Association (APA) presented the AI and Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Virtual Summit. At this event we explored current efforts in the field, identified needs, initiated a gap analysis, and established consensus guidelines for using AI and machine learning as tools for risk stratification in early detection of pancreatic cancer. An objective of the Summit was the development of a strategic pathway to move the field forward.

Critical to achieving this purpose were the following goals:

  • Actively engage the expert participants in purposeful conversations, debate, and creative dialogue
  • Create a shared vision for future efforts to develop early detection methodologies for pancreatic cancer
  • Establish communication channels to share information over time
  • Encourage participants to collaborate in this ongoing area of study
  • Build strategic relationships with key stakeholders to facilitate systemic change and future action