KFRF is committed to fostering an ongoing scientific discovery process in the quest for an effective screening protocol that will be used globally in primary care settings. To encourage innovation, clinicians and scientists from numerous fields must have opportunities to collaborate in order to create the breakthroughs needed to develop a screening protocol for pancreatic cancer. The Fund has led recent initiatives that have challenged previously held beliefs and conceptual models, constructed breakthrough ideas, and developed new approaches for early detection in pancreatic cancer.

KFRF supports innovative inquiry in early detection of pancreatic cancer by facilitating collaboration, encouraging idea generation, and promoting pioneering research. These three core components build the sustainability for the future, and are fully embraced by the KFRF Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board members, and all partners in operational and planning efforts.

Facilitating Collaboration

KFRF actively promotes interprofessional strategic collaboration by facilitating events, meetings, and conversations. Bringing together individuals from around the world with diverse expertise, skills, and perspectives leads to the creation of new thoughts and paradigms, and expands current thinking about early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Encouraging Idea Generation

The methods used to diagnose pancreatic cancer have not changed in decades.  Developing a diagnostic protocol for pancreatic cancer that detects the early changes in the pancreas is complex.  KFRF actively encourages idea generation and innovation to challenge and change current methodology.

Promoting Pioneering Research

There is an urgent need for specific research efforts to develop a screening protocol that will significantly improve survival for those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. KFRF is committed to promoting research initiatives that demonstrate pioneering approaches and valuable potential for achieving this goal. With the help of our Scientific Advisory Board, we actively engage in identifying ground-breaking opportunities.