Intercepting Pancreatic Cancer in High-Risk Cohorts

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In October 2017, Stand Up To Cancer and the Lustgarten Foundation announced the creation of the Pancreatic Cancer Interception Dream Team, to focus on early detection technologies for pancreatic cancer.

This project has three aims. The first one is to increase genetic counseling and germline testing for family members of newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer patients, so that a screening protocol can be created for high-risk individuals. The second aim is to prevent pancreatic cancer in the high-risk group using vaccination, to be tested in a clinical trial that also tracks immune response. The third aim is to develop a blood test to identify people at risk for developing pancreatic cancer; these individuals would then be followed with scans.

The Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team includes researchers from around the country as well as advocates. Dr. Barbara Kenner of the Kenner Family Research Fund is one of the Dream Team advocates, because of her experience as a caregiver and in organizing collaborative initiatives in early detection.

Dr. Kenner outlined her role as an advocate on the team in a poster and abstract presented at the Stand Up To Cancer Summit Conference on January 30, 2018.