The changing landscape of scientific research and progress in collaboration has created new opportunities for early detection. The vision, mission, and core components of Kenner Family Research Fund (KFRF) are dynamic and future oriented.

Advancing Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer to Improve Survival
- Our Vision

Every decision, plan, and effort of KFRF is directed toward achieving this vision. The development of an early detection protocol will lead to more rapid and effective treatment, improved quality of life, and increased survival rates for those individuals diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Kenner Family Research Fund supports innovative inquiry in early detection of pancreatic cancer by facilitating collaboration, encouraging idea generation, and promoting pioneering research.
- Our Mission

All initiatives led and supported by KFRF are focused upon strategic collaborative innovation. Significant advancements are realized through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and resources of many individuals, institutions, and funding entities.

The three core components of the mission are fully embraced by KFRF Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board members, and all partners in operational and planning efforts. These pillars of the organization build the sustainability for the future.

  • Scientists from numerous fields and practicing clinicians must have opportunities to work together in creating breakthrough innovation

  • KFRF actively promotes interprofessional strategic collaboration by facilitating meetings, conversations, and events for specialists whose expertise and diverse perspectives can expand current thinking
  • Methods for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer have not changed in decades and only through the development of new techniques can we achieve the goals of earlier diagnosis, more rapid and effective treatment, improved quality of life, and increased survival

  • KFRF encourages idea generation through the facilitation and support of initiatives designed for advancement through innovation
  • KFRF supports research initiatives that demonstrate pioneering approaches and valuable potential

  • The Scientific Advisory Board is actively engaged in identifying global ground-breaking opportunities