Facilitating Collaboration

Scientists and clinicians must have the opportunity to work collaboratively during planning, research, and analysis phases of innovation. By facilitating events, meetings, and conversations Kenner Family Research Fund actively promotes interprofessional collaboration. Bringing together individuals from around the world whose expertise, skills, and perspectives differ has led to the creation of new thoughts and paradigms.

2014 Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer Summit Conference

A seminal convening of international scientific leaders took place at the Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer Summit Conference on November 4 & 5, 2014 in Hawaii. Presented by Kenner Family Research Fund in conjunction with the American Pancreatic Association, this interdisciplinary summit was an intensive forum that created a strategic innovation map to improve early detection of pancreatic cancer.

A pre-summit document prepared by participants provided an in-depth collection of information articulating the current efforts in the field, the analysis of gaps in each of four specific areas of expertise, and the challenges that exist in early detection. Guided strategic conversations among the invited participants were robust and led to new ideas for ongoing scientific collaboration.

The summit results were reported during a special symposium, Innovations in Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer, at the general American Pancreatic Association/Japan Pancreas Society annual meeting. The session was highlighted by the presentation of critical elements of the pre-summit paper, the summit proceedings, and the initial strategic innovation map for the field.

Two landmark articles were published in Pancreas in May, 2015: a white paper, Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer: Strategic Map for Innovation, detailing the pathway for innovation designed from a complete analysis of the summit findings and an expansion of the pre-summit paper providing a comprehensive review of the major fields impacting the development of early detection methods titled Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer: Summative Review.

A short video summarizing the summit conference can be viewed here.